Artist statement

If the Earth is a living being, and humans potentially the most conscious and reflexive beings on Earth, what is the responsibility of humanity to nature and the planet? Who or what gets to survive is the existential question; who gets to decide is the moral question. My work explores this responsibility of humans to the future of nature and life. The ultimate outcome cannot be prognosticated but does revolve around age-old ruminations over nature vs. nurture, intuition vs. reason, body vs. mind, humans vs. technology, art vs. science, and on and on.

My current paintings and drawings feature images of neurons to suggest that human consciousness is central to the question of how we consume and value nature. Employing three categories of images I create narratives with human brain cells (to signify human consciousness, reflexivity, agency), images of nature endangered by human actions, and the rectangle, (a metaphor of the coffin as a symbol of both potential finality and regeneration).

Ultimately, I am interested in moving beyond depictions of the sublime, to capture a characteristic of the Anthropocene, where a fear and awe of the grandeur of nature has been replaced by two human activities – control and consumption. To begin a new work, I lay out a grid of 12 x 12-inch paper on the wall. Paintings are on wood panels; for these, color becomes a more active element in constructing internal relationships within the painting and finding a balance between poetry and reality.