Ph.D.  Educational psychology/Feminist technoscience; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010

M.F.A. Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts; New York, NY, 1991

M.F.A. Costume Design, Boston University, MA, 1975

B.S.     Fashion & textile design, University of Connecticut, Storrs, 1972



  • Equity Gallery, GREEN: Monsters, Money, Lust, Luck and Lucifer; curators: Alexandra Brock, Patricia Fabricant, & Christina Massey; New York, NY
  • Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, New York Artists Equity Association Exchange Show; Woodstock, NY (April 2024)


  • 440 Gallery, Mapping, curator: Maddy Rosenberg; Brooklyn, NY
  • Dododmu Gallery, Color Field: Blue; NYC/online


  • Collar Works Flat Files, Troy, NY. (Oct 2022-2023)
  • A Queens Fine Art Spring Affair; Culture Lab LIC, Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY 


  • M. David & Co. & Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill; Yellow Chair & Friends: Art for the Holidays.
  • Gallery 118; Eco Echo; online; New York, NY
  • Truro Center for the Arts, New Narrative; Castle Hill, MA


  • Ethan Cohen Kube, Beacon, NY. Darkest Before Dawn: Art in a Time of Uncertainty
  • Queens Library/Queens Memory project, Artists Navigating 2020
  • Deanna Evans Projects, flat file, New York, NY
  • New Society Art Gallery, The Phenomena of Natural Phenomena Part II
  • Pelham Art Center, NY and Ely Center of Contemporary Art, USPS Art Project, collaboration with Carole D’Inverno,
  • LiC-A Spring 2020 Online Exhibition


  • Objects and objectivities: Convergences in epistemic divergence, Advanced Science Research Center at the Graduate Center, City University of NY


  • Con Artists Collective, Not a Thing II, New York, NY
  • Con Artists Collective, Strek(t)sher, New York, NY


  • Con Artists Collective, The Divided States of America, New York, NY


  • Chashama 457 Gallery, Intersectional Journeys, New York, NY (solo)


  • Schema Projects, Beasts & Bodies, Brooklyn, NY
  • Neighboring Walls, From Now On, Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY


  • FACES – Stuttgart Filmwinter; Stuttgart, Germany


  • F.I.L.E (Festival International de Linguagem Eletronica); Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Siggraph, VRML-Art gallery; New Orleans, LA
  • Web 3D Conference, VRML Art Gallery; Monterey, CA


  • SEAFair '99; Interactive/Online/Vrml Art; Skopie, Yugoslavia
  • VRML.ART Gallery, Heinz Nixdorf Museum, Paderborn, Germany
  • EMAF (European Media Art Festival), Osnabrueck, Germany


  • Puck Gallery, Digital Art & Animation, NYC


  • Walt Whitman Cultural Center, Book of Icons and Other Digital Addictions, Camden, NJ


  • Marymount Manhattan College Gallery, Rectangles & Interiors, New York, NY


  • Tribeca Lab, Boxes/ Books, Kate Brown, Curator, New York, NY (solo)


  • Tribeca Lab, Toyz, Kate Brown, Curator, New York, NY
  • New York University, Small Works, Arnold Glimcher, curator, New York, NY


  • School of Visual Arts Gallery, Abstracting, Will Insley, curator, New York, NY
  • School of Visual Arts Gallery, Selections, Mary Delahoyd, curator, New York, NY


  • Open Studios, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Brooklyn, NY
  • Cere’s Gallery, The Political as Personal, New York, NY


  • Cere’s Gallery, Women of Power, New York, NY
  • Temporary Edge Gallery, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists, Spring Show, Brooklyn, NY
  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, NYC


  • 2022-2023  PSC CUNY (Professional Staff Congress & Research Foundation of CUNY); Should the octopus fly over the moon? (to create paintings & drawings)
  • 2021-2022  PSC and Research Foundation of CUNY; Oceans Rise and Empires Fall: Intelligence & Consciousness amidst their Decoupling in the Anthropocene (to create paintings & drawings)
  • 2020-2021  PSC and Research Foundation of CUNY; A Gaia Hypothesis: Landscapes of the Anthropocene (to create paintings & drawings)
  • 2019-2020  PSC and Research Foundation of CUNY; Epigenetic Landscapes of a Biotechnical Sublime (to create paintings & drawings)
  • 2018-2019  PSC and Research Foundation of CUNY; Between Dystopia and the Sublime
  • 2014          Intersectional Journeys; Chashama Foundation (exhibition support funds)


2020-2O21 M. David Yellow Chair Salon and Truro Center for the Arts, summer, fall, winter sessions


2019  Objects and objectivities: Convergences in epistemic divergence, Advanced Science Research Center, City University of New York. Artists-scientists include Linda Vigdor; Ye He, PhD, neuroscience; Andrew Reinmann, PhD, environmental science

1994  Marymount Manhattan College Gallery, Rectangles & Interiors, New York, NY. Artists include Julia Haywood, Steve DeFrank, Yoshi Shirakawa, Linda Vigdor


2021   “In Their Spare Time, They’re Writing Novels, Working on Paintings, and Performing Ballet: The Surprising Sidelines of Graduate Center Professors and Administrators,” Graduate Center, CUNY

2019  “The Soul of the New Machines, Part Two,” Ann Landi; May 6, 2019, Features;

2003  Kathy Rae Huffman, Reader: Lab3D and Web3D Art,

2002  Flanagan, M. “Hyperbodies, hyperknowledge: Women in games, women in cyberpunk, and strategies of resistance.” In M. Flanagan & A. Booth (Eds.), Reload: Rethinking women +cyberculture (pp. 425-454). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

2001  Kathy Rae Huffman. 3D Grrls: a selection of 3D websites by women.

1995  In Three Dimensions: Women Sculptors of the 90’s, Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY. Curator, Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein

Sylvia Westerman Collection, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theater Research Institute at The Ohio University, Columbus, OH

The Book of Icons and Other Digital Addictions, Walt Whitman Cultural Center